Mental Misery. A personal spot to publish my feelings and viewpoints about a troll that has infiltrated all our Beatles discussion boards and web sites.

Mental Misery. A personal spot to publish my feelings and viewpoints about a troll that has infiltrated all our Beatles discussion boards and web sites.

Before that, it had slimed several other fanbase and realising that she actually is no long haul Beatles fan as evidenced by her very own lack of knowledge of the history, contradictions in addition to archives documented in a help team i came across and today participate in, we felt we needed seriously to talk down too! The wannabe journalist is additionally a truly BAD speller! Ends up; she actually is a notorious stalker that is psychopathic.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Another Creepy I-Must-Control-You Whackjob Post from KO

How exactly to describe this 1? It really is total projection that I won’t be «free» of her while she jumps up and down (projection is her middle name) and screams. The joke is certainly on her behalf.

Hmm. Yep. Some batshit crazy through the Psycho One. As other people might state.

I experienced no idea We’m still living lease free in her mind and that she’s nevertheless fucked up over my web log that reveals her crazy ass.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Latest Crazed Bitch Projects Once More!

Which means this crazy ass Paul stalker, formerly a Dirk stalker, believes by my posting my blog exposing her foul lies and her derangement that has gone on forever as she loves to threaten, wish death upon, and show herself to be the most vile maggot to crawl the face of this earth that I somehow «raped» her.

Now she claims i do believe like a «rapist» because i’ve a life and do not take into account the bitch that is crazy. While needless to say we live rent-free inside her head.

But why don’t we get further into this psychotic bout of her latest outburst. She’s got invested years attacking and stalking individuals around the world for calling away her psychotic shit, while she by herself claims to possess such a good life and moving forward and forgetting each one of these those who she imagines «wronged» her, but while she claims this (like a rapist would – since is her new talking point) she nevertheless posts endlessly every one of these death desires, witchy threats, and her general psychotic breaks and out-of-control hatred.

And once again, I have this screenshot by means of her fiddling along with her spam strategies. So that as always, there is a whole lotta crazy to laugh at. The thing that is only may do is laugh at her. There’s no hope this twisted twunt and her life will ultimately end with no body in a position to stay her existence and no body may even care.

Could not occur to a nicer entity.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Kooky O’Crazy is nevertheless psycho!

The obsession she holds for me personally comes and goes as she redials everybody else on the listing of those who’ve utterly refused her, but her crazy is eternal. Evidently. Nevertheless obsessing over me personally – as me personally plus the McCartney discussion boards have actually managed to move on without her. Mind you We haven’t seen her slimy livejournal in many years but i obtained wind of recent assaults. Once more out of nowhere.

We are geting to look at some products here, because her failbook continues to be full of gripes against DJ Stu, Kimba, MOWFO, Dirk’s fanbase, not to mention, Dirk himself.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Forgetting About Kooky But Kooky Nevertheless Obsessing On Me!

I will be the topic of another ass that is crazy by the resident Paul Board crackhead KO. It is a accusation that is pathetic is actually her projection since she actually is the dictionary concept of obscuring details and facts while lying compulsively and whenever her lips is going.

Therefore here we get once more aided by the debunking of her crazy shit.

1. I omit details which are unimportant to her crusade against individuals who do not aspect in the matters that are subject help with right here, and there are plenty people she attacks all of the time, i just cannot keep an eye on her crusade contrary to the people. And it is that her details are lies of occasions that she accocunts for inside her head. And so I can not be blamed for leaving away about pink elephants, purple penguins, and George Harrison’s nude encounters together with her and her snake, animal llama, flask used on a gear over her nude self, and a cop and a professional photographer that simply been at their property or national forest or no matter what location happens to be inside her elaborate lie about fulfilling him while naked, since I have have no idea exactly what the bat should come up with next.

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